How to Apply for The World Bank Legal Internship Program – 2022

Opening Date: On Going  Deadline:  September 30, 2022
Host Organization: World Bank Category: Internships 2022
Internship Duration: 3 months  Location: Washington, D.C, USA

World Bank Legal Internship Program 2022 in USA

The World Bank Legal Internship 2022 is a highly competitive internship that draws law students from all around the world who are talented and ambitious. As part of this internship, the World Bank provides participants with the chance to develop their talents in a multicultural and varied setting. It is also known as a World Bank Legal Vice Presidency in the legal profession. During the Legal Vice Presidency, the top-notch law students are given the opportunity to come up with new and outstanding solutions to legal challenges, as well as to improve and brush up on their legal abilities.

International and national students can apply for the Legal Vice Presidency Internship (LEG VPU), which has a simple but powerful objective. To offer the interns a first-hand look at what it’s like to put all the ideas they’ve studied into reality. Aside from that, the students have first-hand knowledge of how the World Bank operates, as well as its partnership or joint venture with the Legal Vice Presidency personnel. International Bank’s vast scope in world affairs allows students to learn about the newest research methods.

Why World Bank Legal Internships?

Because it offers many chances and options to become notable and distinguished future attorneys. The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency Spring Internship 2022 is a turning point for interns. It’s one of the world’s largest financial institutions, and it’s got a tone of money to play with. The World Bank’s participation in member nations for the cause of poverty reduction, economic stability, and enhancing the quality of life is evidence of this. Because they’ll be working with the World Bank Group as interns.

So, students will get a wealth of legal knowledge and experience in relation to global concerns. For students, a WB internship provides numerous benefits, which are explained below. Along with how to apply for this legal internship at the World Bank Legal Vice Presidency. The qualifying criteria to be considered for this internship programme. In the Legal Vice Presidency, the World Bank’s legal interns work together as a team, under the guidance of a team of top-notch professionals and dedicated employees.

In addition, the World Bank’s worldwide internship programme offers outstanding law students the chance to get practical experience by aiding these inspirational experts in their legal work connected to the initiatives of the world’s most famous institution. For this reason, the Legal Vice-Presidency assists the World Bank in achieving its development goals. They have a good chance of giving guidance on important business, financial, administrative, and constitutional situations.

Benefits of the World Bank Legal Internship 2022

  • During their internships, the interns will attend high-profile events and conferences In the Legal Vice Presidency.
  • The Legal Vice Presidency will provide the interns with the opportunity to practice law with some of the world’s top lawyers.
  • During their law school, university, or institute studies, the interns will have a three-month internship.
  • If you’d want to intern at the World Bank’s headquarters in DC or at one of its country offices, you can do so.
  • Within a year, WB offers summer, autumn, winter and spring internships to students.
  • As a courtesy, the World Bank assists interns with their visas in certain instances.

Eligibility Criteria for World Bank Legal Internship

  • To qualify, the candidate must be a citizen of an IBRO member country.
  • Candidate must have an active legal degree, i.e. an LLB or JD or an LLM or a PhD (or a similar equivalent).
  • Proof of an internationally recognised insurance coverage must be provided by the applicant.
  • For example, if a university or other financial body can pay the applicant according to WB regulations.
  • WB prefers applicants who speak a second language, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish.
  • International as well as domestic students are eligible to apply.

How to Apply for World Bank Internship 2022?

  • The World Bank provides a Google form that candidates must fill out in order to submit their application.
  • Aspirants are required to answer all questions marked with an asterisk (*).
  • The applicant is required to take the eligibility assessment.
  • In PDF format, please provide all of the needed documentation.
  • Candidate must choose three preferred practice areas from a list provided in the application.
  • So, It is the applicant’s responsibility to pick his/her desired internship location and nation and It is possible to select up to three nations.

Application Deadline/Last Date of Application submission

The deadline and last date of application for World Bank Legal Internship 2022 is September 30, 2022.


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