How to Apply for Tech-Act Scholarship – 2022

Deadline for Submission 31st Dec, 2022
Winner Notification 1st Mar, 2023
Award Disbursement March 2023

Tech-Act Scholarship 2022-2023 | Fully Funded

Tech-Act Scholarship 2022: Tech-Act is a major supplier of IT Certification Training Courses that provides Online Certification Training to enable ambitious professionals update their skills, get certified, and advance in their professions. Also, our IT training services for individuals and organizations for various certifications assist professionals in staying ahead in the booming IT sector. So, Online instructor-led training, classroom-based training, self-paced training, client-site training, and other formats are available. We also give our students with all of the resources they need to prepare for their certification exams, including as case studies, practice examinations, and question-and-answer sessions.

Additionally, Tech-Act is excited to provide a $500 scholarship to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student. So, We understand that it is difficult to sustain in these times, and any financial assistance to students is always greatly appreciated, as college fees, combined with high living expenses, can be very taxing to students who are building a financial foundation, as costs have risen dramatically in recent years. Further, Tech-team Act’s hopes to alleviate that stress and make it simpler for students financially. Also, our goal is to guarantee that students who have a strong desire to study and the capacity to communicate their knowledge are acknowledged and appreciated through monetary rewards and recognition.

Eligibility Criteria of Tech-Act Scholarship

This scholarship programme would be available to students who are presently enrolled in schools/colleges/universities. Other applications will be rejected.

Application Requirements for Tech-Act Scholarship

So, It is straightforward and quick to apply for this scholarship programme and anyone who want to acknowledge should pursue any current and important Information Technology platform issue. Cloud computing, mobile application software, and so forth are some examples.

In addition, The participant will submit an article on any issue related to technology, innovation, and digitalization, among other things. The utilisation of research-based and innovative results is strongly advised.

  1. The assigned article is 1000+ words long.
  2. Only non-plagiarized content will permitt.
  3. Only writing in English will permitt.
  4. Submission formats include doc, docx, and pdf.
  5. Document title: scholarship ArticleName of document: scholarship_ Article _ (name and surname of the applicant).
  6. On all social media sites, Tech-Act must follow (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram). The winner will be announced on our social platforms.

So, Each participant permitt to submit an infinite number of contributions and You may submit an unlimited number of essays and don’t be concerned – participation is always free.

Terms and Conditions for Tech-Act Scholarship

  • Firstly, By participating in this contest, the Author grants Tech-Act permission to use their article, first name, and college name on and related sites. Stealing copyrighted materials will invalidate the prize.
  • As much as we would like to give the scholarship, if none of the candidates fulfil the scholarship conditions. Tech-Act maintains the right to disperse the scholarship money.
  • Shortlisted applicants may require to produce evidence of identification from their school, college, or university.
  • Additionally, any misrepresentation or provision of misleading information is illegal. If Tech-Act discovers that there has been any falsification of your identification following the disbursement of the scholarship payment. So, Tech-Act will evaluate your eligibility for the scholarship, and you will require to repay the whole amount of any payments paid to you erroneously.
  • All applicants must follow application criteria.
  • Tech-Act retains the right to terminate the scholarship programme at any moment.
  • Students are encourage to apply for the scholarship programme. The scholarship is a gift help, and you willl not force to pay anything.
  • Please keep in mind that all articles contributed by you will publish under the Tech-Act name, and you will have no copyright on them.
  • If you have any concerns or issues about the Tech –Act website, please contact us at

Note: So, The Tech-Act Scholarship Committee will examine all submissions and select the recipient and All write-ups will assess based on the stated parameters, which will be original ideas, inventiveness, understanding of the subject issue, flow of thoughts, and article language. Furthermore, Plagiarism will disqualify students who submit plagiarised essays and the winner will be notified through email and on the official Tech-Act social media platforms.

Application Deadline for Tech-Act Scholarship

The last date of application submission of Tech-Act Scholarship is 31st Dec, 2022.


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