How To Answer Chevening Interview Questions

How do I pass a Chevening interview

Are You Applying For Chevening Scholarship?

Do You Know what a Chevening Interview Looks like?

Do you know the questions that you might be asked?

If you don’t, then you are in the right place here I will give you tips and techniques that can help you to get the scholarship and study for a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom.

Now, in this article, I’m going to tell you about the interview. The Chevening Interview in particular.

Now, the first thing to consider in the interview is that most of the questions will be related to your essays which I believe you should know very well.

So whatever you have written down in your essay, read it, study it, and be sure that you are ready for every question that is related to the examples and the experience that you have made mentioned in your essays.

What will they ask you?

They will ask you about your leadership skills, your networking skills, your influence, your network itself, your career plans.

The very reasons why you have applied for this scholarship, and the reasons why you have applied for a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom and any other related questions.

Here are some general tips and techniques on How do i pass a chevening interview

✔️ Leave a Good first impression and last impression.

✔️Always smile when you start your interview. You don’t have to seem nervous. Everyone feels nervous. But don’t show it out.

✔️Look confident and relaxed. Now, an important point here, and this is very crucial, is memorizing.

✔️ Never memorize your essays or memorize answers or prepare answers for some expected questions. You need to sound natural. You need to sound spontaneous. That’s what they want to see.

✔️ Be authentic.

That’s what they want to see.

✔️ Be yourself.

Don’t try to act like someone else or just memorize some examples from someone else’s experiences or anything close to that So be yourself and go on.

✔️ Know when to stop speaking.

This is a very important factor, though you should not always give brief answers and short answers because they want you to explain, talk more, give examples, and give evidence of whatever you’re talking about.

But in some certain questions, you need to just give a brief answer, a strong answer, and stop talking.

Now if you keep talking a lot in all the questions and all the answers, they will feel and will also see that you’re just bluffing and giving words just to fill in time.

You have to give brief answers or long meaningful answers.

On Leadership and Influencing Skills.

Now, concerning leadership skills and influencing skills, they will ask you some specific questions about your essays.

Now, first of all, they would ask about your experience as a leader. This question is inevitable.

So you would mention some examples, situations, or events you have participated in that show your leadership skills.

✔️ They would also ask you about the elements that you believe are crucial and essential for someone to be a leader.

So you will have to show them that you understand what it needs to be a leader.

You can also add more details about your leadership skills by showing situations where you influence other people into action.

The influence here is crucial for them. It’s not only about leadership, but it’s also about influencing because there is no good leader that can’t influence others.

So it’s an important factor to consider.

✔️ You might also be asked about the process of becoming a leader.

So you have to answer that question based on your experience or you’re let’s say leading experience.

You should also show them that you understand the challenges that face leaders when they are working on changing something in the environment or their place or whatever.

Everyone fights change, but no one accepts change. So leaders, when they try to change their environment, will face a lot of challenges.

You have to show that you understand that these challenges exist, what kind of challenges they might face, and how to overcome these challenges.

✔️You might also give an example of a leader that inspired you why do you think this person is a good leader and how was the per inspired you?

If it’s let’s say, his characteristics, his mentality, his personality, or his actions, what he has done?

So don’t just mention someone as a good leader without convincing them with a good reason that this is a good leader.

✔️And finally, they would ask you about specific examples or experiences that you had led before and influenced others.

So you have to do your best especially in remembering or preparing your best examples or best situations that you have left.

On Networking Skills.

✔️Now, moving on to the network section, one of the main questions that you are going to be asked is how to build a strong network and how to use it.

So you have to tell them how you successfully built your network and how did this network benefit you?

How did it help you when planning one of your events?

How did it help you in going forward in your business or your plan?

✔️ State examples. whatever you’re doing, you have to always mention examples.

✔️ Be specific.
Random answers will only pull you down.

Tell them about the Advantages of a good network. You also have to show them how you have built your relationships.

Tell them about your method. how do you make friends, connections, and working bonds, and how do you deal with different kinds of personalities and mentalities?

These are important factors for a good leader who can create an actual beneficial network.

Now, in the same way, you mentioned the elements of a good leader. You have to mention the elements of someone who can build a good network.

✔️ One more point to consider is the Chevening community.

Now, Chevening is not just a scholarship, it’s an actual network. It’s a global network around the Globe, from all the countries.

  • So you will have to state how you will contribute to this network,
  • How you’ll make new contacts,
  • How you’ll add or support or give benefits to this contact, and
  • How you’ll benefit in return.
  • How you would benefit from each other.

So that’s an important point to mention as well.

Study Questions

Now one of the most important things you need to know when it comes to studying questions is…

✔️Be prepared.

First of all, you have to be prepared to answer a lot of questions regarding the course you’re applying for.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This will not be that hard because you already know why you’re applying for this course. Now, these are the main questions.

  • Why did you apply for the course?
  • What are the reasons behind that?
  • What will you benefit from the course?What problems with this course solve in your country?
  • How would this course help you in your plans?
  • Why did you choose this field in the first place?

What do you know about the modules?

How is this course relevant to your previous work experience or your previous degree?

It’s not a requirement though that the master’s you’re applying for is pertinent to your Bachelor’s degree.

But it gives you more chances to get accepted if your Bachelor’s degree is relevant to your Master’s course, or if your work experience is relevant to your Master’s course.

✔️ Another thing to put into consideration is the challenges that you think you will encounter when studying this module.

What do you think are the challenges?

They might be academic culture differences in the education system.

What are the challenges?

State the challenges you think you will face and how you intend to overcome these challenges.

✔️One last point to deliberate is how will you develop your field locally and globally.

The Last questions you might be prepared for are why you choose Chevening specifically and reflect on the reasons.

Why did you choose this particular scholarship instead of the other scholarships?

Why did you choose to study for your Master’s in the United Kingdom instead of other countries?

And what are the challenges?

The Challenges that you think you will face in studying a full-time one-year Master’s program?

Now, take notes that there are other questions there might be changes to so you don’t have to memorize any questions and the answer is just Be yourself.

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