Apply Now | Tulane University Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs to Study in USA – 2022/23

Tulane University Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs to Study in USA – 2022/23

Have you developed a dream of studying abroad particularly in the U.S.? If yes, you might be on the verge of studying there at the best university. Universities around the world keep bestowing the students with financial aid. There are various methods of selection for the financial aid and scholarships provided to potential or eligible students. As for Tulane University is concerned, it also provides student support in various ways. One of them is Global Scholarship for international students. If you like to be awarded with the same, you may submit your applications for Tulane University Scholarships.

Details about Tulane University Scholarships

Among various kinds of financial assistance provided to the students, Global Scholarship is for international students, who are seeking admissions in an undergraduate degree program at the university.

International students with exceptional academic records are the ones being sought by the university for this scholarship opportunity. Both partial and full tuition awards are available.

Concise Description about Tulane University Scholarships for International Students

Below, you will find the information about this scholarship opportunity in a concise manner so that all sorts of applicants can understand the details.

Host Country: United States of America

Host Institution/University: Tulane University

Program: Undergraduate

Financial Benefits: Funded

Deadline for Applications: November 1st 2022

About Tulane University, USA

Officially called The Tulane University of Louisiana, Tulane University is a private research university located in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1834, it was found as the Medical College of Louisiana by seven young medical doctors. The college then turned into a comprehensive public university as the University of Louisiana under the legislature of state in 1847. Since 1958, the university has been a member of the Association of American Universities.

According to the U.S. News’s Best Colleges of 2022, Tulane was ranked No.42 among the top universities of the nation. It was ranked No.29 among the national private universities, and at No.34 among the most innovative universities.

As for Tulane University ranking, it is ranked at No.471 in QS World University Rankings.

Tulane Scholarship Requirements/Eligibility Criteria

There is no doubt that Tulane is among the best universities in USA. To be considered for this opportunity, the applicants have to meet the following criteria.

  • International students seeking admission in undergraduate program are eligible.
  • Those applicants who are in the top 20% academically (based on testing and their GPA) of the applicant pool are held eligible for this opportunity.
  • Admission committee will make the nominations, and they will be based on applicants’ applications for their admission to Tulane University.

Financial Benefits

If you would like to study in USA, this scholarship opportunity might be the best option. But you need to avail it by qualifying for it. The successful applicants will receive financial benefits. This is a partial or full-tuition award which is also renewable for 4 years (5 years for students in the 5-year program for architecture).

Deadline for Applications for These Undergraduate Scholarships

As for the deadline for these scholarships is concerned, it is suggested that the applicants should submit a complete early action by November 15th 2022 or Early Decision by November 1st 2022 application for admission. The applicants will then be invited to attend a video interview by March 31st 2023 with the international admission committee.

How to Apply for Tulane University Scholarships

The interested applicants should apply for admission to be considered for Global Scholarship for undergraduate program. Visit the official website (read details about this opportunity under Global Scholarship on the page) to learn all details.


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