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Applications for the International News Media Association/Google News Initiative Elevate Scholarships 2022 is now open. The Elevate Scholarship program is designed to empower the future of the news business by embracing the underrepresented and historically disadvantaged groups and raising them below the level of senior management in news media companies.

Google Scholarship 2022

With the Elevate Scholarships, the International Media Association (INMA) and the Google News Initiative (GNI) want to provide new faces and voices with strong newsmaking essentials as well as networking and mentoring opportunities by google scholarship application form.

Removing barriers to equitable inclusion in training and development for the news industry could break the glass ceiling for professionals from underrepresented groups, hampering innovation and the future of news media.

Brief description of Google Scholarship 2022

Country Africa
Donor google
Target group scholarship
Level of study scholarship
Level of study Funded

Details about Google Scholarship 2022


How to apply for google scholarship ? Benefits Subscribe to Google Scholarship

to be identified through public announcements by INMA;
Obtaining the scholarship certificate;
Get FREE access to 3 INMA master classes
Free membership in INMA for one year – with full and unrestricted access to the global community of the association;
Participate in a how-to video meeting with Google and INMA to discuss industry news and career development.

Terms of obtaining a Google scholarship

The applicant must:

Being an employee of a news company.
Hold a position below senior management in your organization.
Have been in the news media for less than 15 years.
Be under the age of 45 and apply for google scholarship coursera .
I aspire to become a senior manager in a news company.
Be part of an underrepresented and disadvantaged group within your country.

Apply for a Google Scholarship

No application fee. INMA and the Google News Initiative will award up to 50 Elevate Scholarships based on the applicant’s needs, aspirations, barriers, and stories they tell in the application process.

If you are eligible, you can click here to go directly to the application and submit your nomination.
If you would like to nominate a colleague from your company, click here for the nomination form. Let the organizers know the name and contact details of the candidate and why you think they should be nominated. The candidate will then be asked to fill out the application form by himself/herself | google scholar australia

Google News

Google News is a vertical search engine started by Alphabet in 2002. The results of searches on Google – mostly news – are listed very prominently as a box in the organic search results in the state of current topics.

In order for a website to be listed as an excerpt in Google News, it must meet various technical and quality standards and be included in the News for Publishers Program by Google. If a page is included in Google News, it can generally benefit from much higher traffic than traditionally indexed websites.

How is Google News released?

The news collected by Google is released in both desktop search and mobile search. Mobile news sites are usually listed as AMP in their SERPs. Those who want to search for news using a specific keyword can specifically select the “News” section within Google search. Displaying news and ranking a URL has its own criteria that differ from the traditional algorithm of a search engine. The objectivity of the source plays a very important role as does its authority.


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