7 Signs to Know it’s Best Time to Quit Your Job

There must have been days when you bitterly left your office promising yourself to put in your resignation letter soon. Having a bad day at the workplace every now and then is a common phenomenon. But how do you figure out if it’s the usual frustration or now is the time to say goodbye to this job?

Follow your guts; they are hardly wrong about situations like this. If you have started hating your job profoundly, forget about sticking around and start searching for fresh opportunities instead. If you are unsure of your choice, focus on your thoughts, feelings, and the current situation of your life to see if it’s time to quit.

People from most countries across the globe end up spending more time at their workplace with colleagues than their family and friends. So, continuing a job that does not satisfy your needs, brings in enough challenge, or rewards you in any way, is a huge waste of time, effectively dampening your spirit and energy.

Whether or not to quit your job can be a tough call. Whatever the reason may be for your desire to quit, you are not alone. Many people leave their jobs after much struggle, and we connected with such professionals from different industries to hear what they have to say.

Here are seven red flags you should look for as pointed out by professionals.

7 Warning Signs You Should Leave Behind Your Job

1. You Absolutely Hate Going to Office

No one feels like heading to the office after spending an amazing vacation or the day after celebrating your birthday. These are definitely some of the genuine reasons for not wanting to go to the office.

However, according to the CTO of eSalon, Thomas MacNeil, if you feel like skipping work all the time, it means you are not interested in your gig anymore. It’s high time for you to put in your resignation letter if the thought of waking up the next day to go to work makes you anxious.

2. You’re Spending More Time on Everything Else than Working

Procrastination from time to time is a common thing whether you are a working professional or a student. We all scroll through Facebook or Reddit to reduce boredom at work. However, if you find nothing engaging to work on every day every moment in your workplace, you should be concerned about whether your current gig really is suitable for you.

3. Your Health Is Getting Affected

Are you feeling under the weather most of the time? If you find yourself taking as many leaves as you can get or not getting quality sleep or enough time to work out, you should start looking for better opportunities right away. The workload at the office, along with a consistent negative work environment, can severely affect your physical as well as mental health. Nothing is more important than your well-being, and you should try to keep it that way.

4. Your Personal Life Is Getting Impacted by the Negative Energy

Nothing is ever perfect, be it a person, a situation, a product, or a job. According to Julie Vessel, the Chief Talent Officer at MONO advertising agency, complaining about not getting what they want is in human nature. But we don’t see people who have found suitable professions constantly cribbing about their work situation.

If you find yourself coming back home with an irritable mood every day, it could be an indicator of a very negative workplace force that is slowly draining all positive energy from you. Julie Vessel further recommends you to introspect deeper to find the causes of your stress from your job. She says, “Can you leave your emotional baggage at work? If not, then maybe it’s time to think about what is causing you to dislike your job, and consider what you wish was different. Then, go in search of something that offers that.”

5. You Are Either Overqualified or the Job Is Not Challenging at All

Many a time, we are forced to settle for subpar jobs owing to different unfortunate events in our lives. If you are in a similar situation, don’t feel discouraged. Keep an eye out for job opportunities that use the full potential of your skills and expertise.

It’s one thing to be a highly-skilled professional with the capabilities of taking on new roles at work, and it’s another thing to keep dragging yourself mindlessly through the day without feeling engaged at all. You may be great at what you do, but it’s possible for anyone to hit a dead-end during their career. According to experts, this happens when you stop facing constant stagnation at work and gradually become too bored and lose interest in what you do. If you find yourself in a similar position, consider changing your job as soon as you can.

6. Your Workplace Environment Is Toxic

A workplace with an extremely negative atmosphere is bound to lower your spirit. An office where your colleagues are always bitter and your boss is unhappy all the time, and it is no surprise that your morale will take a dive. Even if you started off as a good employee with a positive outlook, the toxic environment could slowly destroy the passion you had for your work.

It’s one thing for an employer to offer constructive criticism, but it’s another to be scorned and abused consistently. It’s time for you to move on if you see your boss has crossed the line.

7. You Are Reading This Post

Did it cross your mind that your reading this article alone is a big sign that something is not right with your work life? That you searched for an article explaining how to figure out if it’s time to leave your job indicates that you are already contemplating quitting.

If you feel that most of the above-mentioned signs are true in your case, then you should definitely start looking for better job opportunities asap.

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